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Explorer2000 - Journey through your Brain


Under the alias of Explorer2000 I release and distribute my own music. I'm a musician, who explores the dephts of the musical world. Whether if it is electronic, rock or jazz. No boundaries. I define myself from scratch with every new song I make. Cause music is like life, full of changes and different emotions. I do, what I'm in the mood for. This is the soundtrack of my life.


Do you need a fitting music track for your youtube intro or image-film for your company?

Or you have shot your own short film and are searching for the fitting music and ambience?

Maybe Synth Prog? You don't know what it is? Let yourself be surprised. I ensure you, that knowbody else will have such tunes in his movie.

I do music from the Soundtrack and Ambient section as well.

I'm producing music for your films and videogames as well as your audio plays. Furthermore I create ambient tracks. (for instance for Cafés and public locations). I'm heavily influenced by the sound of the 80s, and video games of the 8- and 16bit era.

My paragons are Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Chris Hülsbeck, Shamall, Ash Ra Tempel and NEU! to name just a few.


I'm working with other artists as well. For example Nela and Ritz & Weber.


Also I have tendency to progressive and psychedelic music like Thelonius Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, Weather Report, Carsten Bohn, Santana and my hobbyhorse the Krautrock.

If you need music, sound collages or sounds for your own projects, please contact me.

At your request I can give you 30, 20 and 15 seconds versions, as well as different Stems and No Lead-Versions. For Songs with Vocals I'll always give you a instumental version with the original version.

On the basis of "After all these years" I give you some examples of different versions.


Also, I offer you to record your events (stage-plays, weddings, living room concerts, etc.) live, to incorporate the recordings in your video.

Jens am Mischpult


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Buy Explorer2000 feat. Nela - Der Weg on Bandcamp

Also available on Spotify, Amazon, Itunes and all other streaming platforms.

Ritz & Weber


Film Productionmusic


Moody Piano Melodies


80's Music in your Face, for your Retro-Purple Coloured Movies Adventures


Deep House or Synth House Music for your Public Locations or Café


Jazzy or Blues like Tunes


Beatz for your Rap-Vocals and nice chill out Trip-Hop


Synth Prog

This are Progressive Rock like tunes, but without guitars. The focus is on synth here, but it has a band styled character, mostly with real drums and sometimes I'm even playing the bass guitar. ;) Pretty cool shit, if you want to have something in your movie no one else has.




Psychedelic Tune in the style of 60's and 70's. (NEU! for example)


Orchestral sounding Tunes for your epic Movie


More hardboiled Tunes

Horror and atmospheric Tunes


Ambient & Meditation


Pop Songs

Videogame Productionmusic


Explorer Classics


The Explorer Classics are finger exercises which I created at the beginning of my creatve process. I picked out the best of these pieces, polished them to present them in a new look. With the Classics I want to document my development. The first song was released on October the 6th 2016. Two, which is a reinterpretation of the Metallica Song One.

You can get the EP Explorer Classics exclusiv on Bandcamp now. Only there you can get the final mastered versions of the songs in wav or losslees format. I would be glad for every donation.

Cover Explorer Classics

Meine erste EP wurde auf Bandcamp veröffentlicht und steht zum kostenlosen Download und Stream zur Verfügung. Bei Download der EP erhaltet ihr einen Track sowie die Cover der einzelnen Auskopplungen gratis dazu.



This Piece accrued as part of a project during my time on the accademy. The challenge was to remix a known song. Instead of a remix I created a entire new  reinterpretation. This ambient-song invites you to listening and going on a journey. Dim the light and enjoy.

Chase Scene Neo Tokyo

This piece came into being from an idea to write a Soundtrack for a 80's Cyberpunk- Neo- Noir Movie. My inspiration were scenes from Akira (1988) and the second Part of Neo Tokyo (1987). Musically I was oriented to New Synth Wave Music like Lazerhawk.


* Guitar Schizm

In the Mood

This piece was an improvisation on the keys. The piano was played live in one take and afterwards I createt the beat. Like the title tells you: I was in the mood for it.

feat. Schizm 


This is a live-jam-session together with Schizm. Originally this Beat should be a Hip-hop Beat. I played it in a loop while we were improvising live to it.

This snapshot of time I won't withhold from you.

The Terminator

A cover of the famous Terminator Theme Song from 1984, composed by Brad Fiedel for the Film from James Cameron.

Project X

My last Classic. And my last peace from my first creative period. This song was created in one hour.

Ambient Song from Hell

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Jens Wessels
Tel: 0152 0914 01 31

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