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Recorded & Engineered by Explorer2000 as Promotrack for Veranstaltbar Hamburg


You want to realize your own songs, albums or audio plays, but don't know how? I escort you through the process, from the idea to the finished song. No matter if you bring own material with you, or your imaginings just exists in your head.


Together we bring your song to life.

*If needed I'd love to provide you with my own music pieces that can be elaborated.


After the first steps, the song has to be produced. Now we arrange the song and choosing the instruments, as well as other creative decisions, which gives the project it's character.


You are a singer ? I record your voice. No matter if you bring your  own beats or playbacks with you and you just want to record  your voice  to  leave it to posterity, or if you want to produce a new song from the scratch.

Also the recording of  instruments like guitars, (acoustic and electric), bass and other acoustic instruments is possible.

*Drums can not be recorded.



You own recorded tracks from another studio session and you're searching for someone who mix it for you? Or you have recorded own Songs and tracks at home and want it mixed reasonable? Than contact me confidentially.

In the mixing process we make sure that all components will form an uniformity. The vocals will integrated in the song and we try to avoid overlapping tracks and instruments.

* Please bring  the stems just in lossless wav. - format , 24bit with a samplerate of 44.100. Remove all plugins (Compressors, EQ's  etc.) as long as they not  important for the creative sound aesthetics. Make sure that all files have the same length.



You want to polish your finished mix? In this process we doing the fine tuning, we increase the volume and balancing the frequencies.

At last your song will be prepared for the pressing of the glass master (the Mastering-Process) or the digital release. (Itunes, Spotify, etc.)


Furthermore it's possible to generate an album for the reproduction. (Defining the pauses between the tracks and a constant average volume during the whole album.)

* If necessary please bring your own Label- and ISCR Codes with you, because I don't offer them currently.

The musicdata should be in lossless wav. - Format, 24bit with a samplerate of 44.100.

Please process no dithering and no normalization on the track and remove all plugins and effects from the master channel before bouncing the track.

Please leave a headroom. The loudest part of your song should not exceed -6db FS





MacPro (2009)


- Logic Pro X

- Wavelab 8.5

- ProTools



- AKG C3000 (Condensator Microfone)

- Tascam DR-05


- Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (Studio-Headphones)

- AKG K280



- Focusrite Saffire PRO 24 DSP


- Focal Professional - CMS 65


- Phonic AM220

Effect device:

- Behringer MiniFEX


- Kawai ES6


- CME M-Key

Room acoustics:

- Absorber Self-made (Thanks to Leonard)

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Jens Wessels
Tel: 0152 0914 01 31
E-Mail: exploreraudio@ok.de

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